Plan Audit and Market Review

We will review all aspects of your plan including the products you have, claims usage and the type of coverage for each benefit. We will make sure your plan meets the needs of your company. This can include going to our provider partners in the marketplace to ensure we find the best plan and price for you. 

Plan Implementation

We will work with you through the entire implementation process to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible for you and your employees. This will include assistance with the simplest details as well, such as filling out forms. 

Renewal Analysis

Renewals are an important part of a Group Benefits policy as it directly impacts the price you pay. We will use our underwriting experience to ensure that you have a fair price, and that you understand the renewal. 

Communication to Employees

Any time a Group Benefits plan is implemented, or changes are made to an existing plan, this needs to be communicated to employees to ensure they understand. We can handle all communication to employees through group sessions or one on one meetings. 

Create Customized Plan

Working with many different provider partners across the country, we are able to provide a variety of very customizable plans. This allows us to provide the exact type of coverage that will meet your companies’ objectives.  

On Going Claim Review

Since claims have a direct impact on the premiums you pay, we ensure to continuously monitor claims throughout the year. If we see claims trending up we will communicate this to you immediately. This will allow us to be proactive, and keep you updated on the changes we see.  

Plan Administrator Training

Every Group Benefits plan needs someone from the company that is responsible for the basic administration of the plan. This can include enrolling new employees, updating salaries etc. We will ensure all Plan Administrators are properly trained to do these tasks correctly.  

Dispute Resolution

Although we hope this service does not have to be utilized, the reality is there can be scenarios where there are problems with the insurance provider. This can include but not limited too eligible claims not being paid or employees not being allowed to enrol in the plan. If this happens, we will use our experience to handle communication with the provider to try and resolve the issue.  

Benchmark Reports

We have access to benchmark reports for our clients. This allows us to compare your plan and/or claims experience to other similar sized companies in your industry. This is a great tool to use when deciding what type of plan you would like to build.  

Employee Education Sessions

If you are looking at providing education seminars to employees, this is something we can help with. We can provide session on a variety of topics from the Group Benefits plan, to individual financial planning. 

Benefit Governance

It is important to reduce your organizations liability when providing insurance to your employees. We will help develop internal benefits related policy to ensure the correct administration policies are in place.  

Total Reward Statements

Group insurance is part of an employees compensation. However, because it doesn't show up on a T4 staement employees don't always know the value of what their organization is providing. We can create customized statements for each employee so they know the full value of their compensation.