Our Process


Our process is designed to give you an idea of what we can offer on a case by case basis. Of course, we can further customize our process for the needs of our clients. Some clients need even more servicing, while others prefer a less integrated approach. 

Our clients dictate what their needs are and we're happy to work with them through many different scenarios.   

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 If you are looking into Group Benefits for the first time or have an existing plan you would like us to review, feel free to schedule a meeting with us below. 

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1. Discovery Meeting

> Further understand your business

> Learn your companies objectives for the plan

> Understand your budget

2. Consultation

> Collect employee input confidentially

> Benchmark coverage against competitors in your industry

> Discuss different product offerings that suit your needs

3. Request For Quote

> Work with your current provider to make the necessary changes


> Go out to the marketplace for quote requests from many sources, including large national insurance carries and independent providers. 

4. Present Proposal

> Provide analysis and comparisons for multiple different quotes

> Will only present options that meet your budget and needs

> Recommendation based on analysis will be provided

5. Implementation

> Handle all communication with provider to ensure smooth transition

> Provide employee communication and training

> Hands on training for the Plan Administrator to ensure everything is processed correctly now and moving forward.

6. Claims Audit

> Since claims has a direct impact on renewal, we will continuously monitor this throughout the year and let you know if they are trending up.

> If high claims are occurring we can offer advice to help manage during the year if requested

7. Ongoing Service

> We will handle all communication with insurance provider on your behalf, for any questions, concerns or problems that may arise. 

> Employee education sessions (or lunch and learns) can be provided on a variety of topics from your benefits plan to personal financial literacy. 

8. Renewal Analysis/Negotiation

> Custom detailed analysis will be provided so all costs are understood

> Negotiations will always be held with providers to ensure you are receiving a fair price

> Your plan will be taken to the marketplace systematically to ensure it is still the best plan for your company and budget.