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what are group benefits

Group Benefits are insurance plans that cover a specific group of people, usually employees who work for the same company. These plans are usually offered by employers, but employees can also help with cost sharing. These types of plans will have insurance for many different kinds of coverage, and are customized to meet each clients needs. Coverage can include, but not limited to Life, Long-Term Disability, Extended Health, Dental and Spending Accounts.

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Services Provided


what we do

Facilitate the Pricing and Plan

When our clients are looking to change or implement a group insurance plan, we work with you to provide something that meets your specific needs. We will work with providers to create the best plan for you, while ensuring the price is also competitive and sustainable.  

Provide Objective Advice

We are an independent brokerage that only works for our clients. We spend a lot of time understanding the marketplace and the products available, but have no affiliation with any other providers. This allows us to provide our clients with objective opinions on their plan and price year after year. 

Value Add Service

For all our clients we focus on providing additional services that will make your insurance plan more effective, and will save you time. Learn More about the value add services we provide to all our clients. 

Extension of your HR

Group Insurance and Human Resources go hand in hand, and we want to make sure your employees find this plan both helpful and useful.  Furthermore, through an exclusive partnership we also can provide your organization with access to HR tools. We are always looking for ways to help our clients manage their human capital. 

Why Provide benefits?

Will Help Minimize Turnover


Easier to Attract New Talent


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